I have worked with Mark and his team for about 3 years. I have found them to be thoroughly professional and effective in assisting practices to follow both local and national prescribing guidance. They have helped improve the performance in previously "hard to reach" practices by successfully engaging them to change their behaviours. I believe their understanding of how practices and GPs work was crucial in increasing this engagement.

Dr Sanjay Wahie, Prescribing Lead, United League Consortia (2010-12)

Widnes GP Consortia worked with Mark and his excellent support team to deliver an initiative aimed at improving prescribing efficiencies and reducing prescription waste through a programme of education and support across nursing homes and general practice. The excellent advice, support and co-operation was second to none. They helped to facilitate integrated working with our secondary care colleagues and enabled us to demonstrate measurable outcomes.

Jo O'Brien, Business Manager, Widnes GP Consortia, Halton 2009-11

We've found the services provided invaluable, always to be very professional and efficient. We respect and trust the advice provided and find the staff very friendly and helpful.

Marjorie Collins, Practice Manager, Wingate Medical Centre, Kirkby, Knowsley

Mark and his team have been working with us for over 2 years now. They have become an invaluable part of our practice. They are involved in all aspects of prescribing improving safety, quality, cost effectiveness and reducing or workload. The innovative projects are developing us further and we consider pharmacy in general practice as an integral part of our future

Dr MG Merriman, Millbrook Medical Practice, Kirkby, Knowsley

I have worked with Mark and his team since 2009. The whole team have been very supportive offering help and guidance constantly. They have worked closely with our practices in various campaigns to help improve safety, quality and efficiencies; helping to promote a waste medicine campaign with our patient participation group, supporting our GP in a Benzodiazepine reduction programme & running various audits which have resulted in reduced prescribing costs. I can only describe them as invaluable.

Wendy Littler, Regional Manager, SSP Health