Spectra is the trademark of MP Health Solutions Ltd delivering medicines related health improvement services across the NHS. Spectra design and deliver short and long-term medicines management services to meet the increasing challenges of healthcare and medicines optimisation. Spectra recognise the importance to the NHS of sharing a common vision for optimising medicines use to improve health outcomes. Spectra has expertise in connecting people and collaborating with organisations to improve health care.

Spectra's customer base includes Clinical Commissioning Groups, GP Practices, the pharmaceutical industry and other private sector partners. Spectra provide services and solutions for healthcare commissioners and service providers, including GP practices and Clinical Commissioning Groups in the North West of England.

Our Mission

Spectra is dedicated to a personal and responsive service that ensures bespoke high impact solutions and services to address each individual client's needs and objectives and optimise medicines use.

Our Vision

We will provide a first class service though our commitment to customer service, quality improvement and extensive knowledge of health and medicines management. Our culture of professionalism and respect will enable us to be a reliable and trusted partner.

Services and Solutions

  1. Medicines Management and drug therapy optimsation for:
    • GP Practices
    • Clinical Commissioning Groups
    • PCT Cluster Commissioning Support Units
    • NHS community provider services
  2. Anticoagulant monitoring, training and audit
  3. Community pharmacy development
  4. Strategic collaborative solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry
  5. Project design, management and implementation - interim and permanent solutions
  6. Innovative health solutions including analysis, diagnostics and service re-design

Exceptional Portfolio

Our track-record for delivering customer requirements has resulted in an expanding portfolio:

Partner Organisations

Spectra's organistional parterns include:

For further information please explore this website and then email us at info@spectrahealth.co.uk or call us on 0151 443 4064.