Pharma Consultancy

Through its committment to relationship building Spectra has experience of collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to deliver innovative healthcare improvements, training and development, enabling the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry to achieve a shared vision for improved health outcomes.

Spectra can facilitate collaboration between healthcare professionals, CCG opinion leaders and and senior personnel of pharmaceutical companies in a managed environment to facilitate patient focused solutions.

Spectra also offers consultancy based advice on new product development including pricing, opportunities for formulary inclusion and market access for all therapeutic areas.

Consultancy Services

Strategic and Tactical Project Delivery

Prescribing policies and guidance are increasingly being agreed at at CCG Board level. Pharma companies require a range of strategic and tactical solutions to achieve their required product profile, appropriate prescribing and acceptance of their products. Spectra can advise and partner pharma companies to support these aims:

The non-promotional nature of this work requires strict adherence to the ABPI Code of Practice. Spectra have experience of deploying credible, professional and highly articulate healthcare professionals to collaborate with key customers in line with client's pre-launch strategies.